It is a generally believed that a significant woman is hidden behind a great man; that comes true in this history. Enaggelia master Yorgis’ wife, who supported him patiently, gave him the first stimulus by a thought, which proved to be a miracle. She asked him for a solid and natural stone, to use it as a small table in the countryside, and a piece of tree frunk to be the basis of the table.

What an amazing idea! That’s how everything began. Working hard, suffering but patient, Yorgos pulled down the solid stones from Madares, the steep mountains of the sides of which the moon slides. Here, in Crete, the White Mountains are also called Madares. The first construction had been a small suspension bridge. One idea after another, one stone next to another and  on each other, that’s how the woiork was completed in ten years’ time since it began in 1990.

Real Cretan manliness and hospitality, but more than that his love for Natura and especially the Cretan tradition are some of Master Yorgis’ characteristics. Besides, he is famous for hit wit, his vivid imagination and his great sense of humor.

Everything here is authentic. Technology and civilization can hardly be seen and only for functional purposes. Tradition and modern times coexist peacefully. Matching the past with the present is a great art actually.

When you sit on a solid stone which hides all the secrets of the world in it and you enjoy traditional and contemporary drinks or meals you feel a sweet longing for the past, a tender attraction by Nature and a feeling of peace. Wondering around the place, you escape from reality, which might be painful, and you are so much enchanted by the sights here, that your only thought is about them.