Area of Koumos

Υour imagination increases while you are trying to give a shape to each stone. A way to forget everything and relax. A way to calm down and have a rest. Just feel it! One visit is not enough. You will have to spend quite a few hours or visit it several times.
Let me be your quide and leave yourself to the senses, let you feelings overflow. Walk slowly. In every step, you are going to meet something different, original and unique.
You may come face to face with adog. Don’t be scared, it’s a dog-shaped stone. Nature created it, nature that make miracles and you feel excited.
If you look around you will see a bird that doesn’t want to fly, it’s a stone bird. Materials that Mother Earth hides inside for centuries created it.
Have a rest under the shade off an olive tree, if you like. Sit on a stone bench if you prefer to take warmth from the sun, drink your coffee and master Yorgis will offer you a glass of «tsicoudia», the Cretan Whisky.
Watch things that nature, the architect, has made. Nature which embraces all its creations with a lot of love.
A mother is nursing her baby with affection. You can create another figure with your imagination. Another stone figure that might have a soul if it is being watched carefully.