Operating hours : 1st of May-1st of November  09:00-18:00

 Entrance fee:
Ages from 13 years old and over:  5 euro

Kids 5-12 years old : 2.5 euro

Kids up to 4 years old : free

In the Museum of Koumos, rare objects from the personal collection of Giorgos Havaledakis are exhibited. It is a special place with objects from past years that have remained as a sign of Greek culture and tradition.

Through this rare collection we travel to an earlier era and see tools that were used in farmhouses for their daily activities. All of the exhibits are placed in such a way that the image of an old Cretan house is presented to visitors. You will also see findings from the war period that have remained untouched over time and remind us how much this island has suffered from conquerors but also shows us Cretans’ high desire and vigor who fought for their independence. You will leave this place filled with images that transport you to the past and you will certainly gain new knowledge about the way of life in the old times and the island’s history.

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